Press kit


Ever since I can remember I’ve enjoyed playing with gadgets and learning new things with curiosity.  Since a teenager I started collecting vinyl records and books to capture the history of music, art and human behavior.  My first entrepreneur experience was DJing for local clubs, weddings and birthday parties which taught me the importance of personal branding at a early start. Today I travel the world discovering consumer behaviors, technology trends and emerging markets businesses.  I enjoy long walks with my golden retriever, learning new languages and finding the best pizza in any city.

Introduction for Speaking Engagements:

Alvin Singh is digital media specialist, author and investor in early stage start ups.  He focuses on protecting online identity management for individuals and organizations by merging trends from technology detachment, e-commerce and social media branding.  He has traveled to the Caribbean, Africa and Central America documenting humans behavior trends and raised $10,000 for a water pump project in Malawi providing clean water for the first time ton
over 1,000 children.  He has published book titled Manage Your Web, developed numerous mobile applications and consults small businesses on build a following using new media tools.

Speaking Titles:

  • Tech is the New Hip Hop
  • Lead Belly to Ludacris: Analog to Digital
  • 4 Ways to Master Any Skill
  • And speaking conferenceces