Need a speaker, panelist, or host?

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to speak to audiences across the world.

I’ve spoken at mobile development summits in India and at SXSW Interactive and Music hosting panels with industry experts. Speaking is my passion and I’m driven by engagement and understanding new trends in emerging markets with a curiosity of how to apply design, research and branding.

In addition to speaking I have worked with foreign diplomats, dignitaries and government officials providing customized training and documentation for field research with non-profit organizations.

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Speaking Topics:


“Manage Your Web and Your Online Community”

“Protect Your Digital Footprint”

“How to Build a Online Business with no Followers”

“Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Use Today”

“Why Your Start- Up is Not Raising Money”


“How to Create A Lifestyle Design That Works For You”

“Why Tech is the New Hip Hop”


“Giving Up is Not An Option”

“How to Design a Successful Life”


“Lead Belly to Ludacris: From Analog to Digital”

“How to Find Your 1,000 True Fans and Thank Them”

“Evolution of Communication: Radio to Podcast”

“Why Tech is the New Hip Hop”