What I learned from Jack Daniels Distillery

Location : Lynchburg, TN

For years, visitors to Tennessee’s Jack Daniel’s distillery have gotten a version of history that goes down as smooth as a good whiskey: In the 1850s, a preacher and distiller by the name of Dan Call recognized potential in young Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel and taught him how to run a still.

But, as the bestselling whiskey maker approaches its 150th anniversary, The New York Times reports that the brand is revisiting history and embracing a more accurate historical account, in which Daniel was an apprentice to Nearis Green, one of Call’s slaves.

Square bottles because he wanted to give his customers a “square deal”

All bottles are fermented and bottled in it’s original location

The secret sauce is the processing which involves fermentation, mellowing and storing the whisky in wooden barrels

Mellowing process the whisky is slow dripped between charcoal wood that is burned every week

Single select bottles come from $10k barrels with your personal names sealed on each bottle

Jack Daniels was only 5’2 inches tall

The original master distiller was a black man and there are no known photos of him to exist, except of his son

Jack Daniels died from a foot infection after kicking a safe that he couldn’t get open, the infection due to no antibiotics of the time lead to his death

Jack Daniels sons sold the company to a Kentucky distillery for $20 million dollars today JD whiskey accounts for 70% of their sales revenue

To start a business you have to have a process that your able to replicate even 100 years from now

Building a system is the key to a legacy brand not just the technology

Technology will help advance and scale your business but a well developed system will guide you from small to a big enterprise